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Second referendum will only aggravate public disagreement

British Brexit Minister: Second referendum will only aggravate public disagreement

January 4, 2019 12:06 Source: China News Network Participation

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BEIJING, Jan. 4 (Xinhuanet) According to foreign media reports, Britain's Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay said that the re-election of the British "Brexit" referendum will only worsen the situation of the British people.
"The holding of the second referendum will only deepen the differences," he said. "If compared with the tension that may be triggered by the second referendum, the current dissent among the British people is relatively small. The second referendum will only make our country More split."

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Barkley said that the second Brexit referendum could not be held before the European Parliament's May election.
"But after that the European elections will have to be held in the UK," he said, "this means a major harm to democracy, because everyone has voted to leave the European Union, but must vote again at the end of May."

"Our European colleagues will not be interested in (the second referendum) because it will lead to a very populist reaction," he said.

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The United Kingdom is scheduled to officially "Brexit" on March 29. The EU held a special summit in November last year to pass the "Brexit" agreement with the United Kingdom. The lower house of the British Parliament was scheduled to vote on the "Brexit" agreement on December 11, last year, but Teresa May announced the postponement of the vote one day before the polling day.
The lower house of the British Parliament is scheduled to restart the "Brexit" agreement debate on the 9th, which is expected to last until the 10th. The vote will be held in the week that begins on the 14th.