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Selectively choose "rule of law" Canada "judicial independence" was false

  • Source:Global Times
  • Release on :2019-03-06
The Trudeau government in Canada, which excused itself from the "judicial independence" in the case of Meng Xiazhou, is facing increasing pressure from intervening in the administration of justice. On the 4th local time, Jane Fairport, chairman of the Treasury Board, which oversees government spending in Canada, announced his resignation to express his dissatisfaction with the Canadian government’s “political interference in the judiciary” in the SNC-Lavalin incident. This is the second official minister of the Trudeau government to resign since the scandal was revealed. Public opinion generally believes that the resignation of Philport to give a heavy blow to Prime Minister Trudeau will inevitably aggravate the government crisis. Can Trudo survive this? The situation seems to be unclear, but as the event ferments, the Canadian government, which advertises "judicial independence," seems to be increasingly rampant in the face of the international community.

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Also questioned is the “judicial independence” proclaimed by the Canadian government. Many foreign media have linked this incident to the Meng Xia Zhou case in the report. Agence France-Presse said on the 5th that the Trudeau government is facing other crises. At the request of the United States, Canada has detained Meng Xiazhou, the chief financial officer of China's telecom giant Huawei, which has led to a dispute with China. The Washington Post stated that the core of the SNC-Lan Wanling case is the issue of judicial independence. Unfortunately, for the Trudeau government, another recent legal political drama has also dealt with this issue – Huawei’s executive Meng Xizhou was arrested in Vancouver.
Canadian media person James West wrote on the 4th that SNC-Lan Wanling is like the Canadian version of the "car wash" (starting in 2014, Brazil staged the anti-corruption storm codenamed "Car Wash", and then swept through the Brazilian political arena). The behavior of the ruling Liberal Party in Canada is an attempt to establish a dual-level judicial system.

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Under the relevant report of the Global News Network of Canada, some netizens also commented on the hypocrisy of Canada's "judicial independence." The netizen of Joyce Hope Schotter wrote that Trudeau let us see hypocrisy and double standards, while Trudeau and his subordinates are desperately protecting themselves. Another netizen said that the secrets of Trudeau and his Liberal Party's double standards are now in the world.

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As early as the scandal of the last month, the Canadian National Post published a comment saying that the SNC-Lan Wanling case made Trudeau ridiculous for the "rule of law" class in China. You can almost hear Beijing. Laughing. The article said that after discovering that he was in an embarrassing situation of China's diplomatic stalemate, Canadian officials said "rule of law" to China over and over again. But the SNC-Lan Wanling case shows that the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office may have been selectively picking the “rule of law” they like.