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Shenzhen - the No. 4th city of Chinese Top 10 Cities in 2018

  • Author:L. Chan
  • Source:17/Aug/2018
  • Release on :2018-08-31

Shenzhen - the No. 4th city of Chinese Top 10 Cities in 2018

Reported by: L. Chan   Updated on: 17/Aug/2018

According to a ranking of top 100 cities of China released by Warton Economic Institute on July 20, 2018, Shenzhen ranks the 4th in the country.

The institute ranked the cities based on six criteria: GDP, household savings, environment, science and education, culture and sanitation.  It is the fourth top 100 Chinese cities list released by it.

No. 10 - Chongqing

No. 9 - Wuhan

No. 8 - Tianjin

No. 7 - Suzhou

No. 6 - Chengdu

No. 5 - Hangzhou

No. 4 - Shenzhen

No. 3 - Guangzhou

No. 2 - Shanghai

No. 1 - Beijing

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