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Summary of behaviors that are more harmful to hearing

1. Always wear in-ear headphones. This is the most common "hearing thief." According to incomplete statistics, the background noise of subways and buses is 70 decibels. In a noisy environment, people will unconsciously increase the volume of headphones, causing certain damage to hearing. It is recommended to choose earmuff headphones, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music in buses, subways and other noisy environments.

2. Always go to KTV, nightclubs. Due to the high background noise in the noisy environment, the background noise of KTV and bar can reach 110 decibels, which can completely steal people's hearing in a flash. It is recommended to avoid long periods of time in noisy environments or wear anti-noise earplugs.

3. The floor stays high. The ground is noisy and has the effect of “sounding out”, which leads to high noise in the high-rise room. It should reduce window opening or standing noise-proof earplugs.

4. Open the window while driving. Wind noise when driving fast and traffic noise when driving slow will damage hearing. Wind noise may exceed 100 decibels when driving fast, which is very harmful to hearing. In addition, loud whistle, listening to songs in the car, etc., will also cause damage to the ears. It is recommended to close the window as much as possible during the driving process, and the volume of the music should not be too large.

5. Bad living habits. When many people lick their noses, they like to pinch their noses at the same time. As everyone knows, this will make the nose surf like "rushing into" the middle ear, causing the organs in the middle ear to "smash", causing hearing damage.