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Support Huawei, Germany: We do not exclude any equipment manufacturers to build 5G network

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Netease Technology News December 12 news, according to US media reports, the German Ministry of the Interior said that it is opposed to the exclusion of any equipment manufacturers and any technology in the construction of 5G mobile networks. The move solidarized with Chinese suppliers led by Huawei. Previous US allies such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan restricted Huawei.
At a regular government press conference on Friday, a German Ministry of Interior spokesperson reiterated Berlin's position and said: "We don't want to legally exclude specific suppliers or specific products. We believe that the security of the deployed network infrastructure should be guaranteed. And privacy."

Earlier US officials lobbied allies to prevent Chinese suppliers from building their networks. Germany discussed the matter, but the country's telecommunications industry has defended its long-term cooperation with Huawei. Market leader Deutsche Telekom's 5G project in Berlin is the use of Huawei's technology. The German network supervision department launched the auction of 5G licenses, and the deadline for submitting applications is January 25 next year. The auction will be held early next year. (Mu Xiulin)