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Tango country Argentina enters "G20 highlight moment"

November 30, 2018 13:53 Source: China News Network Participation

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China News Service, Buenos Aires, November 30th: Tango Kingdom Argentina enters "G20 Highlights"
China News Service reporter Yu Ruidong
As the leaders of major countries and international organizations in the world arrive in Buenos Aires, the "G20 time" of the tango country in Argentina has entered the "high light moment."
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The International Media Center (IMC) of the Thirteenth Summit of the G20 Leaders was launched. China News Service reporter Sheng Jiapeng photo
The two-day summit of the G20 leaders will open on November 30th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leaders will seek consensus around issues such as the world economy, trade and investment, the digital economy, sustainable development, infrastructure and climate change.

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This is the first time the G20 Leaders Summit was held in South American countries. At the same time, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the G20 summit mechanism. The logo of the summit is composed of 20 groups of dots and consists of five layers of concentric circles. At the same time, it constitutes a colorful palette, expressing the concern about the three concepts of “diversity, people and sustainable development”. The theme of the Summit “Converging Consensus for Equity and Sustainable Development”.
The G20 Summit International Press Center in the Northern Park of Buenos Aires was officially opened on the 29th. The staff told the China News Service that it will serve about 2,500 journalists from all over the world.
Argentine Cabinet Chief Minister Marcos Peña said in the international news center about the media about multilateralism and free trade, the higher the degree of integration, the more opportunities for employment and development.
A reporter from India, Xi Bai, told a China News Agency reporter that what he was concerned about during the summit was not a topic but what would happen. He also believes that the development of Sino-US relations will affect the global nerves, and naturally will receive more attention from all walks of life.

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Ruben Quelmi, editor of the Argentine newspaper National newspaper, believes that China has become an important leadership force on the international stage, and the “Belt and Road” initiative has brought more opportunities to Argentina. At the same time, he has also worked in the Russian media, he will also focus on Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement at the summit.
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Data map: November 27, local time, on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. China News Service reporter Sheng Jiapeng photo
As the host, Argentina attaches great importance to this summit and has initiated the highest level of security measures in its history. More than 22,000 military, police and secret service personnel have been deployed in key locations in Buenos Aires. A number of blocks adjacent to the venue and the leaders staying at the hotel have been closed and strictly controlled.
The host is looking forward to the outcome of the summit. Argentine President Makri has stated earlier that Argentina is proud of the opportunity to demonstrate its responsibility for international cooperation, multilateralism and global governance through the summit.
Sebastian, a journalist from an Argentine radio station, believes that the G20 summit will be a door for Argentina to open to the world. In addition to the world's political and economic topics, Argentina, which is less well-known, can show its unique culture and value more.
Argentine public media secretary Arnan Lombardi told the media at the welcome ceremony of the International Press Center that the summit will be a unique milestone in the history of Argentina’s development and help to show the international community the extraordinary possibilities of Argentina. ".
The perfect interpretation of tango relies on the mutual trust and tacit understanding between the highly skilled dancers. Can the leaders of all parties achieve the "maximum common denominator" on major issues, can this summit be the perfect ending for this year's G20 event? See you in two days. (Finish)