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Teresa May's "Difficult and Undead" Continues the Breeze

January 19, 2019 04:05 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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British Prime Minister Theresa May experienced the turbulent waves of life and the test of "life and death" in the political life. The game with the opposition and the parliament surrounding the EU is not only a thorough showdown, but also ups and downs, making the UK and Europe together. On January 15, the lower house of parliament first rejected the Conservative government's draft of the Brexit agreement with an overwhelming vote. On the 16th, it rejected the Labour Party's distrust of the government with a big advantage. This ending temporarily avoided Teresa May. Downfall and its chain crisis, the Iron Maiden took a breather and continued to travel inside and out to say that the British and European "marriage" drama.
On the evening of the 15th, Teresa May ushered in the "big limit" of Brexit, the lower house vote. Although she was forced to postpone the vote, the lower house held a five-day heated debate. However, due to the large-scale demotion of the party members, The main opposition Labor Party, as well as the Scottish National Party and the Liberal National Party, "the people pushed down the wall", led to the veto of the draft Brexit agreement. According to the Times, the number of votes was 432, and the number of votes was only 202. The number of votes cast by Conservative Party members was 118, which is more than one-third of the total party seats. Six people agree. This is the most unpopular test of Teresa May since he took office. It is also the worst defeat of the British ruling party since 1924. It not only visually reflects the split and opposition around the Brexit British society. And it shows that Teresa May is a four-faced song, although it is a pillar of the sky.

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On the 16th, the Labour Party, which has been waiting to subvert the Conservative government and replaced it, launched a no-confidence motion. After the debate in the House of Commons, some members of the House of Representatives opened a major reversal on the side of Teresa Mei. 123 members who vetoed the Brexit agreement Teresa May continued to govern, allowing her to pass the 19-point advantage. At this point, the British parties that have fallen into serious civil strife formed a weak consensus and decided to give Teresa May a little time and opportunity to continue to weigh and negotiate and avoid the worst outcome of no agreement.
Teresa May, who has kept her hat, expressed her gratitude to the parliament for reluctantly continuing to trust her ruling team, but she must come up with a better alternative agreement before the 21st. Less than a week, Teresa May had to cope with the civil war, but also to cope with the foreign war, and began another hard time to sigh. The Guardian said that Teresa May had invited all parties and senior parliamentarians to hold separate talks on the issue of Brexit since the evening and tried to break through. In her and her supporters' view, this compromise of the UK-European separation agreement is a perfect solution, if not the best, but not the worst. However, the Brexit and the European Union do not buy it. The Brexit believes that the agreement is a "selling country clause" that will make the UK subject to EU rules and cannot formulate an independent trade policy; the European Union believes that the benefits of this agreement are far less than the benefits of staying in the EU.
Teresa May’s attitude is still tough, not only saying no to the prospects of the second referendum, but also insisting on retaining the option of leaving the EU without agreement, and also requiring all participants to reflect the “constructive spirit”. Labour Party leader Corbin explicitly demanded that she must first rule out the non-agreement of Brexit, and on the 14th, the upper house of parliament also condemned Teresa May’s Brexit agreement with 321 votes to 152 votes, accusing the document of destroying British prosperity. , internal security and global influence, also urged parliamentarians to refuse unofficial Brexit.
Britain’s accession to the European Union has been a tortuous journey. It seems to be more difficult to leave the European Union. This is like two single men and women who marry and agree to marry with a good vision. Once divorced, they find that they have broken their bones and tied their muscles. Britain, the birthplace of parliamentary politics, was originally difficult to adjust. The cognitive mosaic caused by the complex relationship between Britain and Europe was even more severe, which led Teresa May to struggle with intra-party disputes, inter-party games and the three sieges of Britain and Europe.
Even if Teresa May has come up with a spare tire program that makes the parties happy, the EU may not accept the UK to sit on the ground again. Since the decision of the British referendum in 2016, the two sides went through a long and difficult bargaining until the final plan was reached in November last year. However, the internal wave of opposition in the UK exceeded Teresa May’s expectations and was forced to postpone the scheduled December. A parliamentary vote was held. Today, Theresa May has no way to retreat. She can only continue to compromise between the opposition and the European Union in order to obtain a parliamentary endorsement before the March 29 deadline.
Considering the complexity of the British internal affairs, the EU has also cooperated with Teresa May's repeated overweight, but the concession space seems to have been overdrawn. European Commission President Juncker, EU Council President Tusk and more than 100 European Parliament inter-party members have publicly or privately sent a letter to Teresa May's opponents to persuade them to support the agreement to leave the EU. However, it seems that the effect is not good. They can't settle the internal political split and opposition in the UK. There is no ready-made alternative plan for the EU itself. Some EU officials even complain that the EU has been kidnapped by the British internal government in the future.

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The EU may realize that the Brexit is not realistic and has told Teresa May that as long as she is free from collapse, the EU is willing to delay the deadline until July this year, giving her more time to digest internal obstacles. To renew the extension, it must be unanimously agreed by the EU leaders, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of Teresa May. Many major members of the European Union refused to accept the British bag, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and so on have said that the ball in the UK half, the negotiated agreement can not be renewed.
The Brexit is really a series of marriage transitions that are being staged. There is an awesome start, a process of change in the plot, and a finishing touch. However, whether this marriage is a tragedy or a comedy, or a sorrow and joy, the declining heroine Teresa May must bite her teeth to the end, and in all likelihood, she has to rescue the European Union from straw.