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The Brexit agreement was defeated in parliament, Britain was at the crossroads

The Brexit agreement was defeated in parliament, Britain was at the crossroads

January 17, 2019 09:58 Source: China News Net

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China News Service January 17th, the Brexit agreement in the parliament suffered a disastrous cause of widespread concern, Reuters Chinese network on the 16th article said that the British parliament overwhelmingly rejected the Prime Minister Teresa May's Brexit agreement, this move It will lead to political turmoil, which may lead to the UK’s disorderly withdrawal from the EU and even reverse the 2016 Brexit decision. The analysis also pointed out that the world's fifth largest economy is at a crossroads, and the choices made on the Brexit issue will affect the prosperity of the UK for future generations.

On the evening of January 15th, local time, the lower house of the British Parliament voted 432 votes to 202 votes to veto the previous EU agreement with the European Union.
According to the article, the British Parliament rejected Teresa May’s Brexit Agreement with 432 votes against and 202 votes. This is the most significant failure of the government in the modern history of the British government. A number of her party members, including the Brexit and the Europeans, also joined the camp to vote against the Brexit agreement.
Opposition Labor Party leader Corbin immediately called for a vote of no confidence in Teresa May’s government within 24 hours.
The analysis pointed out that with the approaching legal date of the Brexit on March 29, the UK is currently in the midst of the worst political crisis in half a century, and the country is working hard to resolve how or even to withdraw from the European integration plan that joined in 1973. The problem.
Teresa May’s fiasco marks the failure of her friendly split strategy that she has been pursuing for two years. According to her plan, the UK will continue to maintain close ties with the EU after leaving the European Union on March 29.
"The parliament obviously does not support this agreement, but the results of the vote tonight did not tell us what it supported," Teresa May told the parliament shortly after the results were announced.

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On October 20, 2018, 670,000 British people gathered in London's Parliament Square to hold a demonstration, calling for a referendum on the final agreement of the Brexit. The picture shows the crowd of demonstrators holding up placards and calling for a "people's vote." China News Agency reporter Zhang Ping
"We need to confirm whether the current government is still trusted by the parliament," said Teresa May.
The article pointed out that the EU said that the Brexit Agreement is still the best and only way to ensure an orderly exit from the EU.
“The Brexit agreement is basically dead,” said Anand Menon, European political and foreign affairs professor at King's College London.
“EU and UK lawmakers will think that this agreement has died, so the UK will have no Brexit policy and there is no viable alternative to Brexit,” Menon said.
Britain is at a crossroads
Since the United Kingdom decided to withdraw from the European Union in June 2016 with 52% of the 48% referendum results, the British political circles have been arguing over how to withdraw from the European integration plan created by France and Germany after World War II.
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On the evening of January 15th, local time, the lower house of the British Parliament voted 432 votes to 202 votes to veto the previous EU and EU agreement.
The analysis pointed out that although there are differences in the status of EU member states in the UK, most people agree that the fifth largest economy in the world is at a crossroads, and the choices made on the issue of Brexit will affect the future of the UK. Generation prosperity.
Before the vote, Teresa May warned the parliamentarians who supported the Brexit. If her plan was rejected, the possibility of the UK not leaving the EU was greater than the possibility of leaving the EU without agreement.
She also warned the Conservative Party colleagues not to let the opposition Labor Party take control of Brexit.

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Those who support the UK to stay in the EU believe that Brexit is a huge mistake that will weaken the West, undermine Britain's reputation as a stable investment destination, and gradually shake London's position as a global financial center.
Many people who oppose the Brexit hope that Teresa May’s failure will eventually lead to another referendum on the status of EU member states, but the Brexit party said it violates the will of the 17.4 million vote to support the Brexit voters. It may make many voters become radical.
The article said that the Brexit supporters see Brexit as a way out of the EU, they think the EU is too bureaucratic, and the gap with the major economic powers of the 21st century is growing.

After the results of the British parliamentary vote, the European Council President Tusk said that after the British Parliament vetoed the retreat agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Teresa May, the only positive solution was that the UK stayed in the EU.
"If it is impossible to reach an agreement, no one wants to leave the EU without agreement, then who will eventually have the courage to say what is the only positive solution?" Tusk made a special post after voting.
The Executive Committee of the European Commission, Juncker, said that the EU will step up preparations to deal with the situation in which the UK has withdrawn from the EU without agreement.
Juncker said in a statement: "With the vote tonight, the risk of a disorderly Brexit in the UK has increased."
He said: "Although we do not want this to happen, the European Commission will continue to carry out emergency work to help ensure that the EU is fully prepared."