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The British Trade Minister will trade with other countries after the Brexit trade agreement

The British Trade Minister will trade with other countries after the Brexit trade agreement

January 23, 2019 11:06 Source: China News Network Participation

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BEIJING, January 23, according to foreign media reports, the British International Trade Minister Fox's office said that he will use the two days to attend the World Economic Forum, meet with the trade ministers of various countries to discuss the current trade agreement with the EU , signed agreements with other countries.

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Data Map: At noon on March 29, 2017 local time, the letter from the UK to launch the Brexit procedure was submitted to the President of the European Council, Tusk. As a result, the “breakup” negotiations between the UK and the EU will be officially launched.

The United Kingdom will withdraw from the EU on March 29, and there is little time left. However, there is still no agreement on how to "Brexit" or even "Brexit" in the UK. The UK is increasingly likely to have no agreement. Under the "Brexit", there is no preventive measures to ease the impact on the economy.
Fox has indicated that he hopes to enter into the same agreement with the EU Free Trade Agreement with about 40 third-party countries when the UK “Breiers”. But the British "Financial Times" reported last week that nothing will be ready before the end of March. Since then, the British government has only signed agreements with Australia and New Zealand.
“I will meet with trade ministers from important countries, and we hope to finalize a coherent trade agreement to ensure that our exporters will not face interference as we prepare to exit the EU,” Fox said in a statement issued before the trip. .

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The UK Department of International Trade said that he will meet with multinational and regional trade officials. He will also meet with investors and will host the Global CEO Roundtable.
“Given our international economic sector is already embarking on an independent trade policy after the UK’s “Brexit”, we will be able to hold the UK firmly at the heart of the fastest growing regions of the world,” Fox said.