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The British government prepares for a non-agreement to leave the EU: 3,500 soldiers stand by to prev


Overseas Network December 19th The British cabinet on the 18th on the "Brexit" issue to intensify the meeting to discuss, to prepare for the "off-the-job" without agreement. The British government has decided to deploy 3,500 troops to be on call to respond to possible "emergency situations."

According to the British Sky News Network and the Guardian, on the afternoon of Tuesday (18th) local time, the British government held another cabinet meeting and decided to upgrade the Brexit contingency plan. In the period of more than 100 days from the "Brexit", Downing Street announced a series of emergency preparedness plans.

These include the deployment of 3,500 military personnel on time to respond to possible “emergency situations”; the distribution of information on border changes to businesses and businessmen; and the allocation of 2 billion pounds (about RMB 17.4 billion) as “Brexit” funds. Security and law enforcement are considered “priority issues”; special space is reserved on the ferries that transport supplies to ensure that the UK can maintain a regular supply of medicines after the absence of an unofficial Brexit; regular codenamed “Cobra” "The cabinet security meeting and so on.

In a speech to the House of Commons, the British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said that the Ministry of Defence "will send 3,500 service personnel on call, including standing and backup personnel, in order to support the government in an emergency. department".

Stephen Barclay, the UK's Brexit Minister, said after the meeting that as a "responsible government", it is necessary to prepare for a non-agreement "Brexit", which is also a "preference" for the British government.

A spokesperson for Teresa May spoke highly of the cabinet meeting, which he considered to be the best cabinet meeting in recent times.

According to the plan, the official Brexit date of the United Kingdom is March 29, 2019. When the "Brexit" is about to enter the countdown to the 100-day countdown, the British society has different opinions on the issue of "de-Europe" and the second referendum. The "Brexit" process was once deadlocked. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on the 17th that the "Brexit" agreement scheduled to be held on December 11th will be postponed until the beginning of January 14 next year.