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The Chancellor of the Exchequer will attend the Davos Forum and urge companies to continue investing

The Chancellor of the Exchequer will attend the Davos Forum and urge companies to continue investing

January 24, 2019 13:50 Source: China News Network

BEIJING, January 24 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on the 24th, trying to persuade business leaders to continue investing in the UK after the Brexit.
According to reports, Hammond will attend an event hosted by the British Industry Alliance (CBI). At that time, he will deliver a speech telling business leaders that “the UK is a good place to do business” and the UK is determined to ensure that it remains the same after “Brexit”.
Hammond also made it clear that the British government will allocate 100 million pounds to 1,000 new doctoral research sites, focusing on artificial intelligence applied to public hospitals, speech recognition software and pollution monitoring.

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However, what is deeply worrying for British companies is that if the “Brexit” plan does not receive parliamentary support, it may eventually lead to “no agreement to leave the EU” and there will be long-term delays in cross-border trade, but the British government refuses to rule out such a situation. possibility.
After the British Prime Minister Theresa May vetoed the "Brexit" agreement in the parliament, there has been little substantive change in the British "Brexit" plan. CBI Director General Carolyn Fairbairn warned on the 21st that "the UK business outlook is bleak."

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On the 22nd, billionaire James Dyson, who supported the British "Brexit", announced that he is moving his company headquarters to Singapore, closer to the company's fastest growing market.

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John McDonnell, a spokesperson for the British opposition Labor Party, said: "What Hammond should do is not to encircle the rich during the Davos, but to tell the Prime Minister to completely rule out the non-agreement of Brexit. The possibility."