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The Dutch design "Blue Brexit Monster" reminds companies to deal with potential shocks

  • Source:Zhongxin Net
  • Release on :2019-02-15
BEIJING, Feb. 15 According to the "Central News Agency" report, what would be the image if the British "Brexit" was anthropomorphized? Recently, the Dutch government designed Brexit to design a furry "blue monster" to remind Dutch companies to respond to the possible impact of Brexit as soon as possible.

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    Data Map: On October 20, 2018, local time, 670,000 British people gathered in London's Parliament Square to hold a demonstration, calling for a referendum on the final agreement of the Brexit. China News Agency reporter Zhang Ping

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On the 14th local time, Dutch Foreign Minister Bullock published a photo of "Treasure Monster" on "Twitter". He stood at his desk and was lying on his back in a white T-shirt with the word "Brex". The blue monster on the table seems to be helpless.

It is reported that the purpose of the promotion is to remind Dutch companies to check the impact of Brexit on the company and to ensure that Brexit will not cause obstacles.

The Netherlands is one of the UK's important trading partners, and many Dutch officials have long warned that Brexit may bring a major blow to the Netherlands. With the approach of the UK's departure from the EU on March 29, there is a constant speculation that Britain may have no agreement to leave the European Union, and this is what many people think is the most risky.

Dutch Prime Minister Rut said that if the United Kingdom really does not have a deal to leave the EU, it will bring "insurmountable" consequences to the British economy.

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He also said that the United Kingdom did not seem to have prevented itself from going to the "destructive" result of the non-agreement of Brexit on March 29.

Ruth said: "Now the ball is rolling towards the Dover cliff (the white cliff on the east coast of England). We are all shouting, stopping the ball, don't let it roll again, but no one does it. Any reaction, at least not in the UK."

He said that it is difficult to assess the impact of Brexit on the Netherlands, but at this stage it only brings some benefits, because many companies are afraid of the Brexit shock and have left the UK.

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He said that in addition to the companies that have already moved, "there are still 250 companies considering leaving, and we have no way to stop them from moving to the Netherlands."

According to statistics from the Dutch investment authorities, 42 companies that settled in the Netherlands in 2018 pointed out that Brexit was responsible for their migration to the Netherlands. The arrival of these companies created 1923 jobs for the Netherlands and 290 million euros for investment.

“The companies I have met in the UK have said that they want to reduce their investment in the UK and reduce their business in the UK, which will have an insurmountable impact on the UK,” said Rut.