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The German defense chief provoked China and Russia, and the Russian general responded too much

According to a number of foreign media reports, German Defense Minister Ursula von De Lain said in an interview with Germany's "Focus" magazine on Sunday that China's medium-range missiles can reach Russia and pose a threat to Russia. Therefore, Moscow should be interested in getting China to participate in the new disarmament treaty.

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When asked, after the United States and Russia accused each other of violating the agreement, whether the existing "Guidelines" can still be saved, and whether China is likely to be included in the agreement, Von Delane said that Moscow may have Interest in including Beijing in the “some kind of disarmament treaty”. She said: "Because Russia's missiles pose a threat to Europe, China (the missile) also poses a threat to Russia."

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For von Delain's statement, Alexander Duhlin, vice chairman of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, said that claiming China's threat to Russia requires "conclusive evidence." Vladimir Zhabarov, vice chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation, is more suspicious of Von Delane’s statement that he believes that the German minister’s statement is “just empty talk” and points out that “China’s missiles are not Any threat to Russia." The former Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Yuri Baruyevsky, said: "Why did the German Defense Minister suddenly care so much about us? Maybe she just had a nightmare. I believe that China’s missiles are The foreseeable future will not pose a (any) threat to Russia."

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The Russian media also pointed out that the German Defense Minister’s sudden expression of concerns about Russian security may be surprising. However, her motives became clearer when tensions between Moscow and the West were tense. Although Von Delane did not directly appeal to Russia to take the initiative to deal with China, her statement indicated that she welcomed Moscow to do so. Compared with the United States, Russia is certainly more convenient to raise this issue and pull China into a new disarmament agreement.