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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to D&G insulting China

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to D&G insulting China: Do not want to rise to diplomatic issues, the Chinese people should be asked

Reported by: World Wide Web Updated on: 22/Nov/2018

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On the 22nd of November, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang said in response to a reporter's inquiries about D&G's turmoil on the 22nd that China does not want this matter to rise to diplomatic issues, but the outside world It is important to understand how the Chinese people view this issue.

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Italian luxury brand Du Jiabanna was scheduled to hold a fashion show in Shanghai on the evening of the 21st. However, it was strongly questioned by “insulting China”. Chinese mainland stars and models who originally planned to participate in fashion show performances have announced boycotts. Dolce & Gabbana cancelled the fashion show on Wednesday.

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An Italian journalist asked the spokesman about the matter at the Foreign Ministry press conference held on the 22nd. In response, he said that this matter is not a diplomatic issue in nature. The Chinese side does not want it to rise to a diplomatic issue. "It is better to ask the Foreign Ministry spokesperson to ask the ordinary people in China how to treat this issue. ".