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The US Black Friday reached $6 billion! What is the difference between sales and Ali?

Double 11 Taobao's trading volume reached 213.5 billion yuan a day, and created a new year's sales record. The people who sent the courier were also busy, and so far, the Thanksgiving shopping promotion in other regions has basically ended. The sales data may be more concerned by netizens.

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According to data from Adobe Analytics, this year's US Black Friday online sales reached 6.22 billion US dollars, although it increased by 23.6% compared with last year, but sales can only reach one-eighth of Taobao. However, such data does not mean that the consumption level of foreign consumers is not high or the concept of consumption is more modest, mainly because the nature of the two festivals is different.

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The Double Eleven is a festival based on the manufacturing cycle of China's manufacturing industry. It also has the meaning of Singles Shopping Spree. The Black Friday in the US is closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many shopping opportunities, and more people. It is offline purchase, so you can play with your family, similar to the domestic family to play in the New Year, shopping is by the way. From this point of view, it is not reasonable to compare the two.

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In Europe and the United States, the main online sales platform Amazon, etc., also launched a series of promotional campaigns in November, in order to avoid the black Friday's offline purchase trend, launched online shopping Monday, from the beginning of November to the present, US online shopping users also Already spent nearly $38 billion on the e-commerce platform, which is almost the same as Taobao's double eleven sales. So, if you are keen on shopping, think about how to make this money back!