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The US New Congress holds Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives Trump congratulates

The US New Congress holds Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives Trump congratulates

January 4, 2019 08:08 Source: China News Network Participation

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BEIJING, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) -- On the 3rd, the 116th Congress of the United States was officially held. The Democratic Party regained control of the House of Representatives. The 78-year-old Democratic Congressman Pelosi was elected as Speaker. At the White House briefing on the day, US President Trump congratulated the Democratic Party and Pelosi, but also reiterated his tough stance on the border.

Pelosi is the first and only female speaker in the United States, and served for the first time from 2007 to 2011.

Pelosi said: "The American people have already voiced their voice and they are seeking a new dawn." Pelosi promised that Congress will serve all Americans.

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She also said that it would be easy to imagine working with the Republican in Trump, and she and her party are also preparing to challenge Trump.

A total of 10 new senators and 100 new members of the House of Representatives were sworn in. These new members have set new records, the newest Congress with the most ethnic and female members in the history of the US Congress. This is also the first new congress to be held during the partial closure of the government.

The nomination of Speaker Pelosi was confirmed, and the new members of the House of Representatives were sworn in immediately, which also represented the Democratic Party’s formal control of the House of Representatives. The dispute between the two parties may be even more intense.

Pelosi has announced that he will immediately end the government lockout after the start of the new Congress through the budget bill.

The bill she plans to propose consists of two parts, part of which is to continue to provide the Department of Homeland Security with the current level of budget until the 8th of next month, of which $1.3 billion is used to build border fences and strengthen the surveillance system, and the other part is to border security. The government department provides funding until the end of the fiscal year in September.

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At the White House briefing on the 3rd, White House spokesman Sanders introduced Trump. Trump first expressed his congratulations to the Democratic Party and Pelosi.

He said: "This is a very, very great achievement. I hope that we can work together to accomplish a lot of things. I think it will be different from what many people have imagined." He believes that both parties can be in the infrastructure "and other A lot of "means agree. Trump called Pelosi the elected speaker as "a great, great achievement."

This is not the first time Trump has appeared at the briefing, but he spoke for the first time at the podium.

On the 3rd, the 13th day when some federal governments were in a lockout, the two sides were deadlocked because the White House and the Democrats could not agree on the issue of the $5 billion border wall.

Trump said: "My country needs protection, and people in our country want it. In the past week, because I have been on the border security, border control, and frankly the wall or fence, I have never gotten it. So much support."

He introduced three members of the Border Patrol Committee to the reporters, and Brandon Judd, Chairman of the National Border Patrol Committee, subsequently stated that the border patrols believed the wall useful. "We need these physical barriers. We thank President Trump and He has made all efforts to get these physical obstacles."

After a few minutes of appearance, Trump ended his speech and did not accept questions from reporters in the briefing room.