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The US government officially closed the door, and the closure involved nine departments.

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The official part of the US government "closes": the third time in the year

Due to the lack of agreement between the US Congress and the White House on the funding of the Trump Border Wall Project, the US government officially closed the door at 00:01 am on the 22nd local time (13:00 Beijing time on the 22nd), CNBC on the 22nd According to reports, according to Bloomberg News, the closure involved nine departments.

Trump sends a confirmation and points the finger at the Democratic Party
On Friday night local time, Trump uploaded a video titled "Our great country must have border security!" on Twitter. Trump chose to capitalize when publishing these words, and CNN reported it. .

In the video, Trump calls for enhanced border security, "use a wall or slat fence, or you can call it anything."

After that, Trump pointed the finger at the Democratic Party. "We will face the government's closure. We can't do anything about it because we need Democrats to vote for us."

In response to the government’s closure, Trump said, “It’s a good idea to call the Democratic Party closed. Whatever you call it. But we need their help to get approval.”

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Trump added that 10 days ago he told the Democrats in the oval office (through live broadcast), and the American people saw it on TV, that is: if the government shuts down because of border security issues, Very "proud".
Finally, Trump said, "I hope that the government will not last for too long."

Why close the door?

Trump insisted that Congress pass the $5 billion "US-Mex Wall Construction Budget" to begin building walls at the US-Mexico border. But at first, Trump promised that the money would make Mexicans jealous, but now they ask American taxpayers to pay. In this regard, the Democratic Party and some Republicans have objections that the cost of building a wall is not enough to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. In addition, the two parties also had controversy in the other seven federal budgets, which led to the difficult birth of the federal budget. In the event that the budget is not passed, the government will close some institutions and temporarily stop providing "non-essential services", and relevant government employees will stop paying wages to reduce expenses.

Once the White House is closed, no one is going to work? The country is not in charge?

The British "Guardian" said on December 17 that thousands of federal workers (after closing) will be temporarily on vacation or unpaid during the Christmas holidays. This can cost as much as billions of dollars.

The dispute may affect nine of the White House's 15 cabinet-level departments and dozens of institutions, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, the Ministry of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, the State Department and the Department of Justice, and the National Parks and Forest Management Department. About half of the staff will be forced to continue working, but will not receive immediate pay, while others will only be able to go home temporarily. However, even if they are asked to stay at home, Congress usually approves the remuneration paid to them later.

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The president of the US Government Employees Association said in a statement, "Our staff are asking how they should pay rent, food and petrol if they are required to work without a salary. These issues are particularly worrying during the holiday season. ."
According to reports, many institutions, including the Pentagon, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Health and Human Services, have received funding this year, so regardless of whether Congress and the President have recently reached an agreement, these departments will continue to operate as usual. Since the expenditure bill that Congress has previously passed has accounted for about 75% of the $1.24 trillion budget in fiscal year 2019 (starting on October 1st), the impact of the government's closure is limited.

In 2018, the US government announced three times that it would "close the door."

As early as the beginning of this year, the US federal government experienced two "shutdowns":

On January 19, 2018, due to the failure of the US Senate to pass the provisional appropriations bill, the non-core department of the federal government was forced to close from 0:00 on January 20.

On February 9, 2018, the US federal government was forced to technically “stop” because the US Congress failed to approve a provisional appropriation bill by midnight on the 8th.

Jin Canrong: It has little effect on the people. Trump wants to give the Democratic Party a downside.

What impact does the federal government “close” have on the United States? Jin Canrong, deputy dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, said in an interview with a reporter from the World Wide Web on the 22nd that the federal government’s “closed door” has little impact on the American people. This is because most of the affairs of dealing directly with the American people. It is handled by the local government. But the federal government's "closed door" will have a negative impact on the stock market.

Jin Canrong said that uncertainties such as the government's "closed door" will lead to insufficient investor confidence, which may lead to further decline in stocks, which has an impact on the United States. According to Jin Canrong, since the beginning of December, the US market value has fallen by about 2.5 trillion US dollars.

In Jin Canrong's view, the federal government's "closed door" issue is a game between parties. The Democratic Party won the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, showing the victor's stance and preparing to boycott Trump on the (repairing the wall) bill. And Trump wants to "go the door" through the government to give the Democratic Party a downside.

Jin Canrong said that Trump has "bundled" the other six bills with the "repairing wall" funds. Trump has said that the bills that do not pass the "wall repair" funds, other bills do not want to pass. From the perspective of American domestic politics, this is in line with Trump’s political interests. By forcing the Democratic Party to make concessions through the “kidnapping” bill, it is also possible to let the voters who support Trump, especially the blue-collar workers who support the “repairing the wall”, see Trump’s “speaking to do it” and possibly set the Democratic Party’s paradox The disadvantageous position.

In fact, this is not the first time the federal government has faced “closed doors” since 2018. Jin Canrong believes that the federal government will not always "close", and finally, under the compromise of one party, the federal government's "closed door" problem will be resolved.