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The White House reaffirms the closure of the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration

Following US President Trump, on March 31, local time, two senior officials of the White House continued to pressure Mexico to shut down the US-Mexico border because of immigration issues. President Donald Trump intends to close the border between the southern United States and Mexico. bluff.

In an interview with ABC on March 31, the Acting Director of the White House Office, Malwani, said that Trump might take all measures to resolve the border security issue. "If this means closing the southern border, he will do so." On the same day, Conway's senior adviser Conway told Fox News Channel that the US-Mexico border issue is now a hot issue, and Trump's statement to close the border is true and effective.

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The White House Office's acting director, Mick Malwani, said in the ABC's "This Week" column that the president had few options left because of the lack of support from the Democrats in strengthening border security and amending immigration laws. “The Democrats obviously won’t help us, and it’s not surprising that we’re turning to what might be considered an 'extreme way’.”

On the same day, the President’s Senior Adviser, Kelly Anne Conway, also showed that Trump is about to close the US-Mexico border. This is a fact.

According to the Washington Post, Trump issued a tweet last Friday saying that if Mexico does not immediately stop illegal immigrants from flooding into the United States, he will close all or most of the US-Mexico border this week, "closed for a long time. I am not playing a game." However, the report said that the US border administration has not yet received a notice to close the border. The US president also said on Saturday that he is preparing to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Reuters said that a US Congressional Assistant estimated that the total amount involved was about $500 million to $700 million.

On Tuesday, Trump identified Twitter on Twitter to sit idly by the loopholes in the US immigration system; Mexico should strengthen immigration laws to prevent illegal immigration from flooding into the United States.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Kosty Jane Nielsen sent a letter to Congress on March 28 stating that the Department of Homeland Security is facing a national security issue that is affected by a foreign one, and she will soon propose amendments to immigration laws. Nielsen said that in March alone, nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants were arrested. The facilities and staff of the Department of Homeland Security are overwhelmed.

Trump said on March 29 that in view of the large number of asylum seekers in Central American countries going to the United States via Mexico, if Mexico does not take measures to stop it, he "has a considerable chance" to announce the closure of the US-Mexico border this week. He also announced that he would cut off aid to three Central American countries, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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Bloomberg quoted a spokesperson for the US State Department as saying that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had ordered the suspension of aid projects for the three countries in the 2017 and 2018 financial years.

In response to the Trump administration’s accusation, Democrat Democrat No. 2 Dick Debin said on March 31 in the NBC’s Dialogue with the Press that cutting off aid did not help solve the problem; closing the border was not A reasonable approach.

"Taiwan Gate investigation tentative paragraph, immigration issues become the first priority of Trump's internal affairs", France and Guangzhou on April 1 this title, since the US Special Prosecutor Muller announced the "TongRumen" investigation results, The sigh of relief Trump focused on combating illegal immigration in the southern United States. The US Department of Homeland Security recently said that as of the end of March, about 100,000 illegal immigrants tried to enter the United States. This figure sets the highest record in the past ten years.

The Washington Post said that if the United States closes the US-Mexico border, it will not only solve the immigration problem, but also affect American consumers. The US-Mexico border is an important global trade channel. Last year's cross-border trade volume was US$611 billion. Trade experts warn that if the Trump administration closes the US-Mexico border, it will undermine the supply chain of major US automakers, triggering rapid price increases for daily necessities and leading to federal prosecution. In addition, the US Congress is reviewing the new North American Free Trade Agreement, and Trump’s decision may make the agreement more difficult to pass.

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In response to Trump’s accusation, Mexican President Lopez responded that the Mexican side is trying to deal with illegal immigration smuggling. “We want to maintain good relations with the US government.” Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrard said that the Mexican side is the "best neighbor" of the US, but it is not threatened.