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The first black hole photo was published, which verified that Einstein’s theory is correct!

How was the first black hole photo taken by humans? What is the release date of the first black hole photo in human history? At 21 o'clock on April 10th, Beijing time, the world's six places (Brussels of Belgium, Santiago of Chile, Shanghai and Taipei of China, Tokyo of Japan and Washington of USA) will hold a press conference to release the first black hole photos. According to the data, the "flushing" of black hole photos took about two years.

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What does a black hole look like? What is a black hole accretion disk? How was the first black hole photo taken? Other issues have been plaguing everyone, let's take a look at it!

What is a black hole?

According to the calculation of Einstein's gravitational field equation, if a large amount of material is concentrated in the space, a "vision" around the singularity will be formed. Once this interface is entered, even the photon cannot escape.

This prediction was proposed in 1916, but it was not until 1967 that Princeton, a nuclear physicist at Princeton University, first used the term "black hole" in a lecture and quickly spread it.

Since I can't see it, how can I take a photo of a black hole?

Although scientists can't see the body of a black hole, they can trace back to the "vision" where photons disappear. This is the limit we can "see".

There are indeed some luminescence phenomena around the black hole. For example, when the black hole eats the surrounding stars, it will tear the star's gas to the side to form a rotating accretion disk. Black holes sometimes "snap", and some of the accretion gas is ejected in the direction of rotation to form a jet.

Accretion disks and jets produce bright light due to gas friction and radiation in other frequency bands.

What is a black hole accretion disk?

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An accretion disc or accretion disk is a structure consisting of diffusing matter that rotates around a central body. It is a gas disk that surrounds a black hole or a neutron star. The friction in the disk causes the gas to gradually spiral down and accumulate into the black hole or star. The more typical centrosomes are young stars, protostars, white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes.

Gravity causes the material in the disc to be adsorbed to the center body along the spiral; the difference in angular velocity causes the material to rotate angularly. The gravitational field causes the material to be compressed while exciting the electromagnetic radiation. The frequency of the ray that is excited depends on the form of the centrosome. If the central body is a young star or a source star, the accretion disk radiation is mostly in the infrared region, and the neutron star and black hole accretion disk radiation is mostly in the X-ray region of the spectrum.

How to find a black hole?

Scientists can indirectly perceive its existence through the influence of black holes on surrounding celestial bodies, especially the spatiotemporal distortion caused by its huge gravitational force, just as it can indirectly infer the quality of the earth through the orbit and speed of the moon.

Secondly, it has been mentioned above that the accretion disk and the jet will produce luminescence, accompanied by radiation in other frequency bands.

Finally, the interaction of a black hole with another celestial body or another black hole produces a large number of gravitational waves and is a detectable clue.

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What does the first black hole photo of humans look like?

"The photos I see now have two parts in general, strictly two structures." The black hole shows that one part is a shadow that is not glowing in the center area, and the other part is a shiny circle around the shadow. ring. The light from the ring is emitted from the accretion disk, and the black shadow is several times larger than the black hole itself, which confirms the prophecy of Einstein's general theory of relativity.

According to reports, the black hole in the photo is more than 50 million light years away from the earth, and the photo shows it more than 50 million years ago. The space around the black hole is curved. The black hole itself is invisible. Put the black hole in the background of the light, and the picture you see is like this.