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The government closed the 11th day Trump throws an olive branch to the Democratic Party: Let's t

The government closed the 11th day Trump throws an olive branch to the Democratic Party: Let's talk about it.

January 02, 2019 09:23:32
Source: Overseas Network

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Overseas network January 2nd, local time Tuesday (1st), the US government partially closed the door to enter the 11th day. On the same day, Trump called out the Democrat Pelosi, who is going to take the seat of the House of Representatives, and intends to "reach an agreement" with the latter to end the government's closure. Trump also invited the two-party leaders of the Congress to go to the White House to discuss the border wall. The US media believes that Trump’s move is to throw an “olive branch” to the Democratic Party.

In order to end the government's closure, the US Democratic Party proposed a new bill that is essentially equivalent to the Senate Republican's opinion, but excluding the border wall costs. On Thursday (3rd), the Democratic Party will begin to control the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives will vote on this motion on the same day.

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Before the House of Representatives voted, things had a new hope. According to Bloomberg News, Trump sent an invitation to the leaders of the two parties in Congress to invite them to a meeting in the White House on Wednesday (2nd) to discuss the border wall. The invitations were received, including Pelosi, who will be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hoye, the leader of the House of Representatives, the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives, McCarthy, Scaris, and the Senate Democratic Party leader, Schumer, Durbin, and the Republican leadership. McConnell and Thun.

The report said that this will be the first time Trump has sat down with the congressional leaders to talk after the government closes. The report pointed out that Trump also called Pelosi and hoped to "reach an agreement" to end the government's closure. Pelosi responded by saying that Trump "provides the Democratic Party with an excellent opportunity to show the Democratic Party how to provide responsible opportunities for the United States to govern the country. This will be the first commitment of the Democratic majority to serve the people." Some signs."

It is worth mentioning that, just earlier that day, Trump slammed the new motion proposed by the Democrats on Twitter. "As I suspect, Democrats have not added new funding to the border wall. It's so imaginative!" Trump said on social media, "The problem is that there is no real border security without walls - our The country must eventually have a strong and secure southern border!"

It is alleged that since Trump and Democrats were unable to agree on the border wall grant, the federal government has now closed for 11 days, and 800,000 federal workers across the United States are either suspended or unpaid.

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Trump has said that he will not sign any budget bills unless the bill provides $5 billion in border wall funding, while Democrats only agree to extend border security grants according to current standards, including $1.3 billion for building border fences. .

The new budget bill proposed by Democrats who will regain control of the House of Representatives on Thursday includes short-term budget funding for the Department of Homeland Security by February 8 and a full-year budget for other closed federal agencies.

The Democrats had previously pressured the Senate Majority Leader, McConnell, to accept the bill. McConnell has said that he will not propose any bill without the support of Trump. Conservatives scoff at the Democratic Party and urged Trump to stick to his position.