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The law "yellow vest" represents a request to meet with the president

January 23, 2019 11:20 Source: China News Net

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BEIJING, January 23, according to the "European Times" report, recently, "yellow vest" representative, truck driver Eric Drouet (Facebook) posted a new post on the social networking site "Facebook" (Facebook), said if the president Refused to propose a positive solution, the “Yellow Vest” campaign will once again mobilize for more intense and intensive protests.

On the 20th, Drouet released a poster containing the words "Yellow Night, Please Be Ready" and released the "Open Letter to the French President" on the evening of the 21st, hoping to get a chance to meet with Mark Long. In addition, he also stressed in his letter that “these demonstrations were declared in advance according to your request” to reflect that on January 3, the French police arrested him on the grounds that he organized a protest in Paris without prior declaration. One thing.

In addition, on December 22, 2018, the police also arrested Drue on the grounds of “carrying prohibited weapons” and “participating in violent protests”. But according to what other "yellow vest" members said at the time, Drue had always opposed violence and did not find weapons when he was arrested.

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Drouet said in the letter: "A new era is coming, the impact on the economy will be strengthened... Maybe it is time for you to listen carefully to people's demands. You still have a chance to prevent the situation from becoming more serious. But if you are still stubborn, then the people will regain their rights."

The French people launched a protest on November 17, 2018, against the government’s upward adjustment of the fuel tax. The scope of the protests continued to expand and evolved into a national demonstration against the reforms of President Mark Long. This activity has continued throughout France. It was 2 months.

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As of January 19, the Minister of the Interior announced in an official website that the number of people participating in the "Yellow Vest" parade within the scope of the law was 84,000, while the "Facebook" had a "yellow vest" named "Le nombre jaune". According to statistics from the group on January 2, the number of demonstrators was as high as 147,000. On the social networking site, Drue’s “Yellow Night” mobilization post has received 1,300 likes.