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The rise of the "Brasis Literature" novel in Britain reflects social differences

January 07, 2019 11:20 Source: China News Network

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BEIJING, January 7 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports on the 6th, the British decision to leave the EU has a profound impact on the society, the novelist created more and more works with Brexit as a material. This novel genre is called "Brex-lit" by the British media, including dystopian works reflecting the uneasiness of pro-European sentiment, as well as reflective novels that explore social differences.
Data map: The British people called for a second referendum.
Data map: The British people called for a second referendum.
Daniel Hiscocks, founder of a small independent publishing house in the United Kingdom, said: "I have noticed that in the past few years, more and more (viewing) tend to be quite dark dystopian or relatively young nostalgic. ”
Some writers say they want to use narrative stories to highlight the differences revealed in the 2016 referendum.
Writer Cartwright revealed that his short story, The Cut, describes an elegant documentary producer and a short-lived and frustrating love story. The story is set in a working-class neighborhood in West Midlands, and both are trying to understand each other and their respective worlds.

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Carterett said: "No matter what differences we face, we must at least try to understand what the other person thinks. What I am worried about is that we are not doing enough in this respect. What the novel can do is observe the situation. And reflect on the national situation."
Other writers who have recorded the Brexit believe that it is necessary to rely on writing to vent their anger. When James Silvester's "Blood, White and Blue" was launched, it claimed to be the first "post-de-European novel."

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According to the report, Sylvester's wife is a Slovak, serving in the British ambulance agency. She has faced a surge in racial discrimination and insult since 2016. Sylvester wants to pass the work, "encourage people to think about what the reality of Brexit will bring to the people, and what kind of pain it has caused."