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Trump announces a state of emergency for building a wall

  • Source:Xinhuanet
  • Release on :2019-02-19
BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- US President Trump announced the state of emergency on the 15th, including the Republican Party, and the American people are also divided. White House officials defended Trump, saying that even if the parliamentary proposal passed a national emergency, Trump might still veto the case.

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In order to obtain funding for the US-Mexico border wall, Trump bypassed Congress and blocked the US-Mexico border into a state of emergency. However, it is expected that several lawsuits will be encountered after the announcement. California Attorney General Besera reiterated on the 17th that the United States will soon file a complaint with the White House.

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Democrats are preparing to propose a joint resolution to cancel the state of emergency in the next few weeks.

However, the White House senior policy adviser Miller defended Trump on the 17th. He also pointed out that even if Congress passed a joint resolution to cancel the national emergency, Trump may veto the resolution. He said: "He will protect his declared national emergency and ensure that he is not shaken."

The Republican Party has different positions on this issue, and there are people who are quite Trump. However, some people worry that if they let go of the state of emergency, they will set a precedent for the future Democratic president and take the same measures against other issues.

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The announcement of this national emergency triggered at least one demonstration in New York, and during the presidential day on the 18th, protests took place.

At noon on the 18th local time, some people protested outside the Los Angeles City Hall, and Democratic Republican Congressman Maxine Waters also came to the scene. Later, Trump supporters also came to the scene, and there was a fierce speech conflict between the two sides. Outside the White House in Washington, there is also a small group of demonstrators gathering.