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Trump announces that the departure of National Security Minister Nelson is related to the border cri

According to a comprehensive report, US President Trump announced on social media on the 7th local time that Homeland Security Minister Nelson is about to leave. He also announced that the current US Customs and Border Protection Director Kevin McAleese will serve as Acting Minister of Homeland Security.

According to the Associated Press, two people familiar with the matter said that US Secretary of State for Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned on the 7th because the US government is increasingly disappointed with the increase in the number of Central American families crossing the southern border.

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Trump’s decision was less than two days before he inspected the US-Mexico border. On the 5th, Trump went to Galicia in southern California to inspect the southern border. During the period, he repeatedly said that the US immigration system is saturated and can no longer accept illegal immigrants.

Not only that, Trump also suddenly withdrew the nominee for the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and said he wanted to "go in a tougher direction." The US Congress Hill reported that these moves indicate that Trump is trying to reorganize his team because he is frustrated by the surge in the number of illegal immigrant families crossing the border.

Trump thanked Nielsen for his work on Twitter and announced that the Director of the US Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McAleese, will take over the post of Acting Minister. Trump sent a tweet: "The Secretary of Homeland Security, Nelson, will leave, and I want to thank her for her contribution." Trump did not comment on Nielsen's one-year, four-month term, "only for her work. thank". He also said that he believes that McCullian will do a good job.

Nielsen, 47, became the Secretary of Homeland Security in December 2017. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) said she received tepid support within the government and publicly accused the Trump administration of its controversial immigration policy.

The US media was not surprised by Nielsen’s departure. The New York Times reported that Trump and his senior advisers often complained about Nielsen privately. They accused Nielsen of failing to stop more and more illegal immigrants from entering the United States and finding no new measures to ensure border security.

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Trump also said: "I am pleased to announce that the current Director of the US Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McAleese, will become the Acting Minister of Homeland Security. I am confident that Kevin will do a good job!"

According to the analysis, McAleese has long served as a border official and is highly respected by members of Congress and government officials. The decision to appoint an immigration officer to take up the position reflects Trump’s priority in this sector, which was established after the September 11 terrorist attacks to combat terrorism.

Since Nielsen's predecessor, John Kelly, became the White House chief of staff in 2017, the tension between the White House and Nielsen has always existed. Nielsen is believed to be resistant to some of the toughest immigration measures supported by the President and his aides, especially senior adviser Stephen Miller, including border issues and the protection status of some refugees.

Trump has been complaining for months that Nielsen’s performance in immigration enforcement is lacking. In November last year, Trump told the consultant that he had decided to fire the Secretary of Homeland Security, Nelson, who might leave the government in the next few weeks or earlier.

In recent weeks, tensions have escalated as the new wave of immigration has placed a heavy burden on resources in the border areas and Trump’s attempt to regain control of immigration issues in the 2020 re-election campaign.

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The 49-year-old McAlyan worked in the private sector early in law and then worked in the Customs and Border Protection for many years. Fox TV quoted sources as saying that Trump wanted the "hardest police" on border security issues, and McCalinan met the requirements.

Informed sources said that when Nielsen met with Trump at the White House on the 7th, he did not know whether he would be fired or resigned, and finally she resigned.