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US Defense Secretary Matisse announced that "retirement at the end of February next year"

US Defense Secretary Matisse announced that "retirement at the end of February next year" insinuated with Trump

US President Trump announced on Twitter that Defense Minister Jim Mattis will retire at the end of February next year. He mentioned that Matisse has held this position for 2 years and made many "significant contributions" during this period. He is very grateful to Matisse for his service and his successor will be announced in the near future. Foreign media pointed out that Matisse had disagreed with Trump on many national defense issues in the past.

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▲ US Secretary of Defense Matisse.

According to reports, Matisse told Trump in his resignation letter, "You have the right to have a defense minister who is more compatible with you in all kinds of affairs. I believe that resignation is the right thing for me. "." Matisse also mentioned that his core belief has always been that the power of the state is inseparable from the unique and comprehensive alliance. "The United States is an indispensable country in the free world. If there is no strong ally, it will show up. With respect for allies, we will not be able to protect our own interests or effectively carry out this role."

According to foreign media reports, the news of Matisse’s retirement was sensitive. Trump had just announced that he would withdraw all the Syrian US troops the day before, and Matisse and some high-ranking defense officials did not support the decision, especially in recent years. In the past month, the relationship between the two has become worse and worse. Trump had already mentioned it when he was interviewed by CBS TV in October. He thought that Matisse was "a little Democrat" and might leave.

According to the American think tank Brookings Institution, the high-level personnel change of the Trump regime has been the highest frequency since the past five presidents.