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US House of Representatives Democrats ask the IRS to provide Trump tax records

According to CNN, Richard Neal, chairman of the US House of Representatives fundraising committee, officially sent a letter to the US Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday asking him to provide President Trump's tax record for 2013-2018.

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According to reports, Neil asked for a six-year tax return from Trump's personal and eight commercial entities under Trump's name, a move that could trigger court entanglements about Trump's financial problems for months or even years.

Neil said, "It is very important to ensure the trustworthiness of our government and officials. In order to maintain trust in democracy, the American people must ensure that their governments operate legally under the law."

According to the relevant regulations of the US Internal Revenue Service, tax records can be disclosed after a certain year, but the specific years depend on the type of tax return and the taxpayer's situation, such as whether the taxpayer is undergoing audit. In general, individual tax records can be made public after six years.

The Republicans see the House of Representatives as a political tool of the Democratic Party, but Neil stressed that the request was based on his censorship role, which is "on policy, not politics."

According to a comprehensive report, the US Democrats officially began an offensive against President Trump on the issue of income tax. On April 3, local time, the chairman of the US House of Representatives fundraising committee, Linier, sent a letter to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asking him to provide President Trump's tax records for the past six years. This will be the "new front" that Democrats opened up for Trump after the "Tongmen Gate".

On January 3, 2019, local time, the elected members of the US House of Representatives were sworn in collectively.

According to reports, Neil’s chairmanship fundraising committee is mainly responsible for tax issues. In the letter, Neil cites a little-known IRS rule that requires Trump's tax records from 2013 to 2018. He also requested tax records for eight commercial entities under Trump's name.

Neil explained that this is the supervisory responsibility of the committee he leads. In his letter, he wrote: "According to current regulations, the personal tax status of the incumbent president is subject to compulsory review, but this is only the IRS policy, not the federal tax regulations... it is necessary to be funded by the House Committee Decide on the size of the review and decide whether to review the business activities declared by the President at the time of filing."

Neil asked the IRS to respond by April 10, that is, within a week.

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For Neil's request, Trump responded later that he "does not tend to" hand over his tax records for the past six years because his tax records are still being audited.

According to Politico, the US political news network, the White House rejected the request of the House of Representatives. Trump responded by saying, "I won't do this until I have not accepted the audit."

According to CNN, according to the internal regulations of the US Internal Revenue Service, only the Congressional Joint Tax Committee, as well as the Chairman of the House Committee's fundraising committee and the chairman of the Senate's Financial Committee have the right to request any individual's tax records. Since the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Glasley, has previously expressed his reluctance to do so, this "heavy duty" has fallen on Neil.

But in fact, according to CNN, this decision was not made so easily. For a long time, there has been controversy within the Democratic Party about whether or not to fight Trump on personal tax issues. As a "pragmatic faction," Neil hopes to cooperate with the White House to promote infrastructure construction and other issues that can be agreed upon, rather than launching a highly political and controversial battle.

However, Neil is under tremendous pressure from the liberal Democrats within the committee. In the statement on the 3rd, he stressed, "I am convinced that this is the implementation of supervisory power within the legal framework."

Some analysts pointed out that this may turn into a long-term legal battle and continue until after the 2020 presidential election. In the general election, personal tax issues are bound to be mentioned again. At present, US lawmakers have called for legislation to force each presidential candidate to publish tax records; many Democrats who have already announced their candidacy have also announced their latest tax records in advance.

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Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley told NBC News on the 3rd that he believes that the Democratic Party requires the IRS to provide Trump's tax return "for political purposes," although Congressional supervision is legal, but "out It is illegal to do so for political purposes."

The report also said that US Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin said last month that if members of Congress tried to open Trump's tax return, he would protect the president's privacy.

"I have already discussed this in the legal department of the Ministry of Finance. We are likely to receive this request. As I said, we will check it according to the requirements and we will abide by the law," Mnuchin said at the time. "We will Protect the president, just as we will protect any taxpayer based on their rights."

For a long time, the Democratic Party has been asking for a review of Trump’s tax situation to see if he is involved in a conflict of interest with a foreign government. The Democrats also want to know how Trump’s tax cuts will affect him in 2017. NBC said, "Neil's request is only the first stage of a long legal struggle to get them (Trump's tax return)."