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US government shut down: the two sides continue to tug the war

January 14, 2019 07:25 Source: China News Net

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BEIJING, January 14 (Xinhua) Comprehensive report, on January 13, local time, the US federal government closed the 23rd day, once again increased the lock history. President Trump and the two parties in Congress continue to struggle in the border wall funding issue.
On January 22, local time, American Dysky Dypsky protested in front of the US Congress. Since the US Senate failed to pass the provisional appropriation bill before 02:00 on the 20th, the US federal government has been suspended for three days. According to the latest news, the Senate Democratic Party has reached an agreement with the Republican Party, and the Senate will pass a temporary appropriation case to end the government shutdown as soon as possible.

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Is Trump responsible for the lockout?
Although all parties are blaming the government for blaming each other and shirking responsibility, the latest polls show that most Americans believe that Trump should be responsible for the longest government in this history.
Throughout the weekend, members of the Senate and House of Representatives stopped the border budget and left the Capitol Hill, allowing the government to stop again until next week. However, President Trump is not idle, and on Saturday and Sunday, he has repeatedly issued a number of tweets about border issues.
On the morning of the 13th, Trump issued a series of tweets in full swing: reaffirming border security and calling on Democrats to compromise.
People against building walls
CNN polls show that more than half of them oppose building walls.
According to a poll conducted by independent research firm SSRS for CNN, 56% of respondents oppose building walls and 39% support building walls. This figure is roughly the same as the December 2018 survey results.
In addition, 45% believe that border security has become a crisis, and more than half of 52% believe that border issues are not a security crisis.
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is unpaid by the government. As of Sunday, tens of thousands of TSA staff members were absent from work because their wages were not able to be issued normally, and the proportion reached a new high since the government stopped.
TSA employees "breaking grain"

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The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is unpaid by the government.
TSA said in a statement on the 13th that its employees' abnormal absenteeism rate rose from 5.6% on Saturday to 7.7% on Sunday. This ratio is more than twice that of 3.2% a year ago. TSA said that despite the increase in absenteeism, the quality of security inspections at airports across the United States has not been affected.
Reuters said the TSA security inspector was one of the lowest-paid federal employees. Although they will repay their wages after the lockout, many people say they have difficulty paying for normal living expenses during the lockout.