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What kind of Bluetooth headset is good? The four decisive purchase points must be kept in mind!

Many people know that when you exercise, you must use a special sports Bluetooth headset to give you the power to free your hands and feel free. But very few people know, from which point to start to pick Bluetooth headsets? To this end, I have made a comprehensive inventory for everyone, as long as you understand the following four points, will never go wrong!

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First: waterproof and sweatproof is very important

Exercise will naturally sweat, sometimes there will be drizzle, the air is unusually fresh, the exercise effect is better! Especially after sweating, long-term corrosion of the earphone components, will definitely cause the wear of the headphones, so must choose waterproof and sweat-proof A good-quality Bluetooth headset can be used for a long time, and it can be used casually when used.

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Second: compatibility must be good

The compatibility of Bluetooth headsets is not only compatible with mobile phones of various systems, because many people now have smart watches or bracelets. For the convenience of sports, many people even have only one smart bracelet, so the compatibility must be good. It is best to be able to connect to the second, mainstream IOS and Android must be compatible.

Third: have a fast charge, long battery life

In addition, the biggest pain point of the Bluetooth headset is that it needs to be charged, so if you forget to charge it temporarily, it will be very painful. However, if equipped with a fast charge function, it can quickly fill up the time of a sport. Many brands of Bluetooth headsets have added this function one after another, charging for 5 minutes, listening to songs for 1 hour, especially convenient in actual use. If you do not have this feature, it is recommended to choose a longer battery life.

Fourth: the sound quality can not be bad

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The reason why the sound quality is mentioned at the end, because in a certain sport, the sound quality does not seem to be the primary factor in choosing a headset. After all, no one is moving the HiFi device to exercise, but if the sound quality is better, it is also a highlight. More points. Even in normal daily life, it can be used in one machine, and the price is immediately improved.