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Will the US government close again in three weeks?

January 28, 2019 07:56 Source: China News Network

China News Service reported on January 28th that it was not long before the signing of the three-week interim budget bill by President Trump, the White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said on the 27th that if the two parties are in the three-week budget If the agreement cannot be reached before it is used up, then the government will close the door again and there will be no problem for the president.

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"Yes, actually I think he thinks so," Muwani said in an interview. When asked if the president did not agree with the Democratic Party members on the border budget and whether he would like to close the government again, Muwani said, "He is willing to make every effort to protect the border. He really attaches great importance to this. This is a A serious humanitarian and security crisis."
Muwanee also said that Trump "does not want to let the government down," and is more willing to resolve border security issues. "This is the way to solve government problems through legislation," he said. "We are still in negotiations," Muwani said. "The negotiations are far from over." Trump’s interim budget bill signed on the evening of 25th relaunched the federal government and maintained its three-week operation, temporarily easing hundreds of thousands. Unemployed stalemate in federal employees.

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"We will continue to negotiate with the Democrats. Whether we can do this or not, we will do so. Obviously we will consider the state of emergency because this is the case. This is a national emergency," the President said last week. . Just as he approved the three-week budget, Trump again raised the possibility of announcing a state of emergency and raising funds for the border wall.
In the interview, Murwani reiterated that it is the president's first choice to cooperate with Congress to obtain the border wall budget as opposed to shutting down the government or declaring the state into a state of emergency. “The president wants to do this in the right way,” he said. "One of the reasons he agreed to open the government this week is to basically adopt the opinions of the Democrats," Murwani said. Democratic congressmen said they hope to cooperate with the White House on this issue.
“There are a lot of Democrats who come to us and say, 'Look, we happen to agree with you on the border security issue,'” he said. “Some of them are even very open about this.” Muwani also said President Trump will insist on building the border wall due to the “humanitarian crisis” in the border area.

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"We know that this situation is rising because we know, for example, that 60,000 illegal immigrants have died every month for the past three months. Again, this number has not been resolved," Muwani said. "This is a real number. So we know that this number is more than 11 million. I think the range is as high as 30 million or 40 million. I am not sure where the president got this number, but I think you see what he is trying to do, that is Point out how stupid this debate about numbers is."