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William and Megan are not in harmony? British media captured this subtle scene

The American actress Megan Marker has been a topic since she married the British royal family. The British media reported that she and the Kate Princess are not in the same news.

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Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex held a joint performance at Christmas. The two talked cordially and seemed to break the rumors, but the eye-catching royal fans found another source of potential tension.

When the royal family left the St. Mary's Church in Sandringham, Megan took Harry's hand and turned to the side and seemed to want to talk to William, but Prince William did not turn his eyes to her, but tidyed up his own scarf. .

According to reports, after William suspected that Meigen was suitable to be his brother's wife, he and Prince Harry had a tense relationship in the past year.

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Earlier, the Sunday Post reported that one of William's closest friends said that Prince William had doubts about whether Megan was suitable to be Harry's bride and said he would say these words. It is understood that Prince William's worries came to the Queen's ear, or rather, to Harry's own ears.

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"The problem is," said the friend. "William and Kate feel that the relationship between Harry and Megan has developed too fast. As a very close brother of Harry, William feels obligated to raise his doubts."

Previously, people thought that the main reason for the tension between the two couples was that Megan and Kate did not get along well. The Queen allegedly ordered the two kings to show unity at the Christmas Church ceremony in Sandringham.