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up to date! The unmanned yacht found in the East China Sea, the owner found it! Tens of millions of

up to date! The unmanned yacht found in the East China Sea, the owner found it! Tens of millions of dollars, what should I do in the end?

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On the night of December 18, Xia Linduo, chairman of Haitong (Zhoushan) Satellite Communications Co., Ltd. sent a message to the reporter: "Zhoushan fishermen have found a luxury yacht at sea."

The reporter immediately contacted the fishing boat. At 8:00 on the morning of the 19th, he received the information and pictures sent by the fishing officer, Wu Qiming, and he said that he was busy handling the fish at night, and he did not care to watch the mobile phone.

Through him, the reporter contacted Wang Weiping, the boss of the ship. He told the story of the yacht.

This day, we have been away from Zhoushan Fishing Port for 20 days.
At 3 o'clock on the morning of December 8, we started trawling at 127 degrees 15 minutes east longitude and 30 degrees 40 minutes north latitude on the East China Sea.
Zhejingyu 03158 is a fishing boat for fishing operations. After we found the fishing rod, we lowered the fishing net from west to east at this position.
The sky was dark, and only the bright moon in the sky and the lights on the fishing boats illuminate the nearby sea.
Suddenly, a crew member shouted: "Boss, there is a boat!"
This is a strange yacht, there is no light on the boat, drifting like a "ghost".
Because the ship was found to be relatively close, the crew were worried that there would be danger, and the ship's horn was used to yell at the unlit boat.
After that, we waited quietly for the other party's response, but after a long time, there was no response, only the waves of the sea.

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At that time, my mood was very embarrassing, really nervous. Wu Qiming, a part-time chief of the ship, said that he was worried that the other ship would continue to approach and that the two ships would collide.
Due to the inability to observe the situation on the other side of the ship at night, the crew did not respond after several shouts. According to the situation of the other party’s boat, everyone was speculating that this might be an unmanned ship and decided to approach the ship and board the ship. Exploring.
I sent Wu Qiming to jump on the ship after the two ships met.
After he got on the boat, he shouted at the cabin with a flashlight and hoped that someone in the boat would respond. If someone in this boat encounters an accident, we can provide some necessary assistance to the people on board.
However, no one was found in the ship. This is an empty ship.
The yacht is about 10 meters wide and 30-40 meters long. It has a three-story structure and the ground floor is the cabin. The boat looks like it is being renovated, and some places have not been renovated yet, but it can be seen that this is a very luxurious yacht.

The mysterious yacht has three floors and is luxurious inside.
With four 1300 horsepower Mitsubishi units, the cockpit is similar to the cockpit of the aircraft. Wu Qiming, the first officer, walked a few laps in the boat with the light. He found no business card, but found a business card with the words "Daiya High Speed ​​Shipping". Most of the text on the business card was written in Korean, but there were two pictures. The route information of "Busan - Fukuoka" and "Busan - Ma" is marked on the picture.

The business card that Zhoushan crew members picked up on the mystery yacht.
We suspect that the ship is from South Korea.
The ropes of the ship were all broken, and there were some signs of collision on the hull.
In the face of such a ship, how to deal with it becomes a difficult problem. I have been fishing for 30 years at sea, and it is still the first time I have encountered such a thing.
We negotiated and decided to use the fishing boat to pull the unmanned yacht back. I called my relatives of Laoshan Island in Laoshan County, Zhoushan City, and informed the maritime affairs.

The crew was tying the cable and wanted to drag the boat back.
Tied up to the yacht with a cable, the original Zhejiang No. 03158, which can travel 11 nautical miles per hour, can only run to less than 4 nautical miles per hour.

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Zhoushan fishermen dragged the unmanned yacht back.
In order to bring this yacht back to the port area as soon as possible, we decided to give up the next fishing plan.
Zhejiang Maritime Search and Rescue Center: This yacht was lost on the way from South Korea to Malaysia.
On the morning of December 18, the Zhejiang Maritime Search and Rescue Center received the Zhoushan Maritime Search and Rescue Center report: “Zhejiang Yu 03158” ship found a yacht about 30 meters long from about 500 kilometers east of Zhoushan. No people were found on the ship.
The Zhejiang Maritime Search and Rescue Center has verified through multiple channels that this yacht is a second-hand small-sized high-speed passenger ship purchased by a Malaysian shipping company from South Korea. When the tugboat was towed from South Korea to Malaysia, the tugboat host was faulty and the towline was broken after encountering the wind and waves. The small passenger ship that was towed drifted.
In the next step, the relevant departments will properly handle the matter in accordance with relevant regulations.

The yacht that I picked is quite luxurious.
New ship worth tens of millions
Yesterday, because the "捡" arrived at the luxury yacht, the crew's phone was blown up.
"I have introduced it more than 20 times, and my voice is dumb." Wu Qiming, the deputy, said that they were dragging the yacht back yesterday afternoon. What is bad is that the sea is getting bigger and bigger, and the ship is having difficulty. .
"We hope that a professional ship will come over to help the handle and drag the yacht back to the port." He said that according to their current speed, it would take at least three days to return to Zhoushan.
The reporter inquired about the information and asked several ship bosses. The yacht that was picked up must have at least one or two million new purchases. Now even the scrap ship is worth a lot.
However, it is a big expense to drag it back from the sea 500 kilometers away!
Wang Weiping said that there is a loss of fishing. It is quite painful to think about it.
They had planned to fish in the East China Sea for two months, and now they have returned in less than a month.

Zhoushan fishermen dragged the unmanned yacht back.
Zhoushan also had fishermen who had been to the yacht before.
Turned over to the state to reward 100,000 yuan
Yesterday, the same boss who was surnamed Qianshan in the Lushan Mountain was fishing in the East China Sea. When I saw our news, I laughed and said, "What good things have made us come across!"
Just a few days ago, a fishing boat in Lushan caught 255 pounds of tuna. For the fishermen, this is a very rare harvest. "Zhejiang has nearly 400 deep-water seine ships like me. I have been fishing for more than 30 years. I have never heard of anyone who has caught more than 50 pounds of tuna. !"
The old man of the ship looked at the sea area of ​​the luxury yacht and was familiar with it. "We have been working in this area for two months. It has only been a few days since we left!" He looked envious.
He said that more than 10 years ago, people heard that the Longshan fishermen of Lushan had once picked up a yacht at sea and later handed it over to the country and received a reward of 100,000 yuan.
At that time, how did the ship appear at sea? The judgment of the old money was actually quite right. He said that it might be a windy day, the yacht cable was broken and drifted out. "There are abandoned cars on the land, there are also some on the sea. After some ships are scrapped, they have been parked near the pier. For a few years, even the owner has forgotten this. For a long time, the wind is blowing, the cable is broken, the yacht is drifting. Come out."
There have been similar incidents in Zhoushan before.
In 2011, the super typhoon "Plum Blossom" struck, and a 50,000-ton unpowered ship in Zhoushan was missing in Typhoon Night because of the problem of the quality of the fixed anchor chain. Fortunately, the next morning, the ship was found stranded on the shoal of Xiushan Island, from anchorage to stranded ground, more than 10 kilometers.
A person in charge of the Zhoushan Marine Fisheries Bureau said, “The Zhoushan fishermen found a sailing boat on the high seas last year. It is also empty. However, it was found that the vessel of this sailing vessel is an ocean-going fishing boat. It is too far away from Zhoushan and it is impossible to take a long time. The time dragged it back. After reporting to the relevant departments, the fishermen later gave up and watched it continue to drift."
What will happen to this yacht?
Can return the owner and make a reasonable return
At noon on the 19th, the reporter learned from the maritime affairs department that they had already learned about this matter, but the waters of the ship were on the high seas.
“Usually, after the unmanned vessel is towed back, the maritime and public security departments will intervene in the investigation.” The staff said that because the ship is a foreign ship, it will be more complicated than the domestic ship disposal procedure.
After the news of the Zhoushan County government of Zhoushan City, it was also studying how to dispose of the unmanned foreign ship that was towed back. "Like foreigners entering the country, foreign ships must be inspected by the inspection and quarantine department."
At around 11 noon on the 19th, the deputy Wu Qiming sent a message to the reporter, saying that the Zhoushan government department had contacted the Korean side on the matter.
Han Gaoyuan, a lawyer at Zhejiang Eitner Law Firm, said that when fishermen pick up unmanned vessels at sea, they must first determine that the ship is not an unowned object.
“A ship is the same as a vehicle and is registered. It is easy to find the owner based on the registration information.” He said that after the ship owner is found, the ship should be returned, but after returning the ship, the fishermen who pick up the ship can follow the custody and search process. The cost is required to pay the shipowner for the settlement of this part of the cost, and at the same time it can be offered a reasonable return.
Of course, if the vessel is determined to be an ownerless thing, it should be handed over to the country according to regulations, but the fishermen can receive appropriate subsidies.